How to deal with homesickness while in college

The biggest lie about joining college is that you’re too old to miss home.  Whether you’re old enough or too excited to join college, homesick will kick in at some point. Unfortunately, college students think that homesick is a weakness, and mostly, they try to suppress it instead of accepting it. 

Fortunately, we have tips that can help you overcome homesickness and make college your new home. 

Homesick is normal

There’s nothing wrong if you can’t adjust immediately. The trick is accepting the situation as opposed to wishing it away. Don’t feel guilty about it because it’s only a temporary feeling and soon your college will be a home away from home. Lastly, if the feeling is too much for you, you can always ask for help from professional counselors available in your college.

Keep in touch 

Contacting your family and friends makes you feel more at ease. Don’t shy away from making that phone call or having a Skype session at times. You can call them regularly at the beginning then minimize contact when you get busy with lectures. Contacting family makes you feel more involved with whatever is going on at home. However, too much communication can be an obstacle when it comes to building other relationships in college. The best solution is to schedule when to call your parents. Keeping in touch can also involve visiting home or have your family members visit you in college.

Manage your expectations 

Get over the idea that college is all about the wild party and drinking all week while you enjoy minimal responsibilities. It’s easy to believe the rumors and Instagram stories and think that you’re doing it all wrong. Remember that people will not post their actual life on social media but only the glamorous moments. Don’t expect your college experience to be the same as everyone. Some days will be severe others will be like a party.

Carry home comforts 

Packing home comforts is essential, particularly if you’re studying abroad or far away from home. Whether it’s a simple toy or mug you got on your birthday, home comforts help combat homesickness, especially in a foreign country. Don’t feel immature about having a toy you got when you were ten in your bedroom; you’re not the only one.

Get out of your room 

When in a new environment, the immediate reaction is to spend all day in your room. Staying indoors worsens your situation since you will spend most of your time thinking about home. Make efforts to occupy your mind with other things like; attending all classes, studying in the library, a part-time job, or even joining clubs.

Explore the surroundings 

New surroundings can be one of the reasons you already dislike school. It makes sense to explore your new college or city and get comfortable moving around. It will look bad when graduation day comes, and you can’t say something about your college town. To make the experience even better, go for walks volunteer in the local community or find the place with the best coffee.


There’s always a better way to do something. Our tips will help you transition from home life and create an experience of another home in college.

What are other ways using to overcome homesick while in college? Please let us know in the comments section.

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