How to manage college and parenting at the same time

As a parent in college, you will wear multiple hats; parenting, your career, college, and your personal life.  But do we support the idea that it’s troublesome and you can’t find a balance? No. Thousands of parents graduate every year and create a secure a better life for themselves and the kids. Furthermore, parents who are students tend to be more focused due to the extra responsibilities on their list. The good news is that you can strike a balance between parenting and college. We have excellent tips to make it easier for you to take care of your parenting roles and school. 

Here is how to manage parenting and school and at the same time. 

Make a schedule for the week and stay organized 

It’s crucial to set time aside for study, family, exercise, and other tasks that need your attention. You can set a plan that aligns with your best study hours and when you need breaks. Creating or finding a space with no distractions, especially from the kids, will come handy. Remember to schedule only priorities to avoid burnout.


Set realistic goals 

Avoid taking extra responsibilities at work or volunteering for all activities at your child’s school. Keep in mind that even meeting some parental and office responsibilities will be challenging. So only seek to worry about essential tasks. For example, if you’re dealing with baby colic or sickness all night, it’s obvious you will not get your assignment done. Let your professor know and schedule your homework for another time.

Forget about straight As 

Parents can also score straight A’s, but with extra responsibilities on your shoulder, getting obsessed with A’s will drive you nuts. Furthermore, you’re already in for undergraduate studies, so do your best.  Focus more on the course you’re taking as opposed to taking the first position in every exam.

Have a support system 

You will need emotional and material support from your church, parenting group, or from other family members. It will be difficult for you to walk the journey of parenting and schooling alone. Let people within your inner circle know that your schedule has changed, and you will be surprised how much they’re willing to help you. Apart from the support you’re familiar with, you can look for online platforms and programs for parents on your campus.

Practice self- care

Parenting and college at the same time isn’t a walk in the park. You will feel tired and stressed out due to your busy life. Take time to exercise, eat healthily, or watch a movie with your kids. However, self-care time is only possible if you follow your schedule and manage to beat deadlines.

Focus on the prize

Mostly your schedule will be full, and your life will get tough along the way. At this point, focus on a grand day. Imagine yourself receiving that degree with your children, watching you with pride. Imagine all the job opportunities that will come with the degree, and you will finally afford a vacation for your kids. 

Final thoughts 

Don’t shy away from college, whether you’re a single parent or have a partner. You can have the joy of spending time with your kids and get a college degree. Our tips can help you find a balanced and sane life.

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