Are you writing a college essay? Here is how to avoid plagiarism.

You may make many mistakes while writing your college essay, but plagiarism is unforgivable.

Just like shoplifting, plagiarism is theft and has severe legal responsibilities If caught in the trap. 

Plagiarism can ruin your career or even lead to the loss of your college degree. Additionally, you can lose the reputation you’ve built for years. However, there’s a better way to write your college essay without plagiarism. 

Here’s how to write plagiarism free essay:


There’s always this misconception about research. You may think that is creating new ideas from scratch, but that’s not the case .You will always find past work (your previous paper or other authors’ work ) that’s relevant to your college paper. 

Paraphrasing comes handy in this case. Reword the information you wish to use sufficiently. Ensure you do not copy more than two words from the verbatim. Your paper has to appear different from the original copy.

Cite your paper

Citing your paper is one of the best ways to avoid plagiarism in your college essay. Citing involves indicating the author’s name, name, and date of the publication.

Citing can be done using the APA, MLA, or Chicago. Every institution has its style. Use whatever method your professor or institution recommends. You can use software like endnote to keep your citation records. Many students struggle with finding good sources and citing them properly. If you are such a student, you can always try an essay writing service.


Use the exact words on the original copy, and no author wants to misquote. However, most college professors frown on quotes that exceed 40words. To make quoting even better on your college essay, use quotation marks. It shows you acknowledge the author and you don’t intend to present their work as yours. 

Citing Your material

In the previous semester, you did an excellent college essay, and you want it to reflect on your current work. As much as your previous paper is your intellectual property, using it without citations is self-plagiarism. Acknowledge your previous findings for better grades. 


On this page, you indicate the source of your work. Mostly your institution will give you guidelines on how to write references. The references can include simple details like the name of the source and the author’s details. 

Research to understand what the paper is about 

Failure to follow what to write on the college essay can be the cause why you copy similar works. To avoid the trouble that comes with plagiarism, conduct rigorous research. Researching in advance makes the process of writing your essay easier. Fortunately, the internet has made research more manageable. You can access tons of materials instantly. Online libraries like Google Scholar have quality research materials. 

Use plagiarism checkers 

The Internet age is the best time to be a student. Online plagiarism checkers can scan your work in seconds and highlight any case of plagiarism.

Here is a list of plagiarism checkers you can trust:

Final thoughts 

Writing a plagiarism-free essay can be daunting, but with our guidelines, you will have it easy. To avoid the wrath of intellectual theft, reword your work sufficiently to look authentic.Reliable methods like citing, referencing, quoting, and conducting research are handy.

Lastly,  scan your work with online software like Turnitin to be sure. If you need plagiarism-free papers then you can try our essay writing service

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