Girl reading for exams

How to study for exams when you have little time in your hands

We have experienced chills, jitters, and goosebumps when the exams are around the corner, especially when we have been busy doing everything else but studying for exams. I will cut you some slack because we live in a society that makes it seem like life revolves around exams no sooner are you done with one exam than you are pitched into another! Exams are a part of life, especially if you take up a law or medicine profession.

Exam preparation is somewhat easy when you have a month or so to study for the test, but when you have less than twenty-four hours, it becomes a bitter pill. Exams tension sets in, and many people are always ready to throw in the towel simply because there seems to be no possible way to set everything to memory within that short time. What can you do? Well for starters you can avoid wasting the little remaining precious time and follow the articulated tips for exams, they are just a few things that make the last-minute pain for studying easier to handle

1.Don’t Panic

As cliché as this sounds, it’s imperative. Get yourself together and relax. It’s tough to retain anything in memory when you have panicked and dazed. 

2. Pick an appropriate environment.

In this context, you don’t have the luxury to study at your comfort zone, for instance, the bed. Pick a place like a library that will help your laser focus on your studies. Choose a location with the least destruction and most appropriate ambience.

3. Have a study plan.

Based on the exam papers you have, come up with a timetable that will help you allocate time for each of them. Ensure you give yourself study brakes and study motivations that will help rejuvenate your mind.

4. Organize your arsenal.

Ensure that you gather all the materials that you might need for your study before you get down to work. This will help save as much time as you can because you will avoid unnecessary movements.

5. Eat Healthy snacks

You should eat good food because the brain needs food to function optimally. It is advisable to avoid alcohol and sedatives during this period. It is also essential to get enough sleep

6.Join Group Discussions

During student exams, period, tensions usually are very high. Talking with other students or even having group discussions is recommended. As long as you ensure the groups don’t digress, you are likely to cover a lot in discussions compared to studying alone.

7.Prioritize your work

Given the limited frame, it’s almost palpable that you will not be able to explore each topic. The saying goes, “Eat your frog first”, prioritize the difficult topics that require a lot of time and focus, then wind up with the easy ones.

In a student’s life, there is always calm before the storm called ‘easy’ weeks, and all and sundry should beware. These are great times to prepare adequately for the exam to avoid getting caught up with time. In the unfortunate event where time passed by so fast to the point you didn’t have adequate time to prepare, don’t let the exam stress get to you; there is a solution. You can always pass your exams even if you don’t have enough time to prepare, where there is a will there is still away.