College degree
“Work hard and join a good college if you want a life full of bliss and glamour,” has been a song reiterated from generation to generation. This might have held water back in the ’80s and ’90s, but is it applicable in the millennial where volatility, uncertainty, and insecurities are the surest part of our days? Wait! Are we even asking the right question or our thinking has been corrupted by the great success of
Girl reading for exams
We have experienced chills, jitters, and goosebumps when the exams are around the corner, especially when we have been busy doing everything else but studying for exams. I will cut you some slack because we live in a society that makes it seem like life revolves around exams no sooner are you done with one exam than you are pitched into another! Exams are a part of life, especially if you take up a law
Student in a room
How to live with a roommate you don’t like was not among the thing I thought about on that warm summer morning when I finally got a letter of acceptance to my college of choice. Excited and happy barely describes how I felt as I prepared to join the college. Part of the excitement was contributed by the fact that I had desired to be away from my strict parents, and going to a college
As a parent in college, you will wear multiple hats; parenting, your career, college, and your personal life.  But do we support the idea that it’s troublesome and you can’t find a balance? No. Thousands of parents graduate every year and create a secure a better life for themselves and the kids. Furthermore, parents who are students tend to be more focused due to the extra responsibilities on their list. The good news is that
The biggest lie about joining college is that you’re too old to miss home.  Whether you’re old enough or too excited to join college, homesick will kick in at some point. Unfortunately, college students think that homesick is a weakness, and mostly, they try to suppress it instead of accepting it.  Fortunately, we have tips that can help you overcome homesickness and make college your new home.  Homesick is normal There’s nothing wrong if you